Are You A Busy Business Professional 
Looking To Optimize Your Health 
and Reclaim the Body and Vitality You Had 20+ Years Ago...
Without Having to "Diet" for the Rest of Your Life?
Dear Busy Business Professional,

If you want recapture the fitness levels of your youth, achieve new levels of fitness in minimum time, or even if you just want to feel confident inside and out, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

Because in today's fitness world, no one is taking into consideration the business professional who needs unique programming custom built for his busy world!

Do you want to...
  •    Recapture the vigor of your youth
  •   Feel years younger
  •  Wake up feeling motivated and ready to attack the day
  •  Stop wasting time in the gym getting minimal results
  •  Feel energized all day long
  •  Have mental clarity to focus on your job
  •  Make your wife look at you like she did when you were young
  •  Feel a renewed confidence in your physical appearance
If so, then check out the following video...
See What Tanner, A Full-Time Entrepreneur, Had To Say... 
Here's How And Why We Can Make You This Promise...
My name's Daniel Kelly and I coach high-performing executives to get into the shape of their lives.

I've helped men all over the world reclaim the vitality of their youth with fitness and nutrition. 

Notice, I did NOT say I help 18 year old boys, I help MEN achieve the best shape of their life.

I've seen seen too many high-performing men trying to get in shape again and find the vigor of their youth... 

But they go about it ALL WRONG.

Look, you aren't 20 years old anymore so why are you training like you are?

Why are you eating like a 20 year old?

Why are you using programs from some bodybuilding website which was either made for someone taking performance enhancing drugs or a teenager?

It's funny, because most men don't give these things a second thought.

But most training programs out there aren't designed for experienced guys.

In fact none of these things make sense for a man over 40 years old, like you.

So, I decided to take action and give you the training, nutrition, and coaching you need to succeed... All made to fit within your busy schedule and let you maintain your normal lifestyle.

Our exclusive membership is going to provide you with the ongoing training you need each and every day to navigate the fitness world for busy professionals and feel like a man again.

The reality is, you aren't getting any younger!

Don't sit on this. The LONGER you put this off... the HARDER it'll be to get started.
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Luke Lost 15 lbs in 4 months the Imperative Fitness Program
Studies Are Proving That Testosterone Levels Are Worse Than Ever...
As an aging man, you've got a major problem on your hands...

Most likely, your T levels aren't what they used to be...

And without finding the proper time to workout, they will only continue to plummet.

According to a prominent study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, there has been a "substantial" drop in men's testosterone levels since the 1980s, with average levels declining by about 1% per year. 

For example, a 60-year-old man in 2004 had testosterone levels 17% lower than those of a 60-year-old in 1987.

With our coaching, you will learn how to optimize your hormone levels and feel like a man again, without having to give up your precious time.

You don't have to spend hours in the gym every single day like you've been lead to believe.
The Numbers Don't Lie!
As you read above...

If you can optimize your hormone levels and fitness before the age of 60,  you'll get a major head start.

  • When you recapture the fitness levels of your youth, think about how good you'll feel once you successfully achieve incredible fitness levels WITHOUT giving up all of your personal time to accomplish it
  •  When you achieve maximum results in minimal time, think about all of the extra time you'll have left over to enjoy life with your friends and family
  •  Picture yourself having more energy than you've had in years, ready to attack whatever obstacles your day has in store for you... What would that mean for you and your life?

The Imperative Fitness Membership Includes All of the Following...
Training Plan
Members will receive training plans created exclusively for busy men. These plans will focus on maximum results in minimal time.
Nutrition Protocols
Nutrition protocols are specifically built for busy business professionals. These plans will focus on eating for performance and hormone optimization.
Exclusive Access
Members will receive exclusive access to Dennis and Daniel. This alone is worth many times more than the monthly cost of membership.
New Plans Available Monthly
Each and every month on the last Sunday, your membership will receive a brand new monthly training plan.
Hyper-Focused Results
We know our target market and we know exactly how to train them. We specialize in training men over 40 and your results will reflect this. 
Community of Men
In no other online community are business professionals discussing work, life, and lifting like our community. We focus on achieving our goals and living life the way it should be lived.
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What kind of results can you expect? 

Tom was fighting a losing battle with his weight and struggled with fatigue all day long.

After working with me he lost over 70 lbs and had the kind of energy and focus that helped him increase his business revenue by 60%.

In a time when other businesses were struggling during a pandemic...

Let Us Sweeten The Pot For You 
Even More With These 
FREE BONUSES For Acting Right Now...
#1 Imperative Fitness Private Slack Group (Value $297)
A private community specifically made just for you...
  • Like- Minded Men: Finally, a group of men who want to succeed in life and look/feel great while doing it.
  • Direct Access: You'll have direct access to Daniel in this group with the ability to ask any questions you need answered.
  • Mastermind Effect: Discover the collective power of a group of gentlemen on the same path, striving to better themselves every single day.
#2 Daniel Kelly's Low Carb Recipe Book (Value $27)
Discover the incredible benefits of a low carb diet for men...
  • Tested Methods: Discover how Daniel maintains low body fat while also gaining muscle with his low carb recipes for men.
  • Easy to Make: You don't need to spend hours focusing on meal prep, learn the easy to make methods Daniel employs for his own nutrition.
  • Optimized for Men: You shouldn't eat like a woman if you want to grow, you should eat to optimize your hormone levels and overall fitness.
#3 Mindset Guide (Value $27)
In order to succeed, your mind is where you must start... 
  • Choose Your Own Path: Without the proper mindset, you are at the will of others. Learn to guide your own life and create the life you've dreamed of.
  • Untapped Potential: Discover how others who have optimized their fitness and reached levels they previously never imagined.
  • Proven Methods: Learn the methods that both Dennis and Daniel have taught their clients in order to change their limiting beliefs.
#4 Daniel Kelly's Bookshelf (Value $57)
See the 3 books numerous fans are raving about...
  • Optimized Under 35 - Discover how to dramatically raise your testosterone levels through natural methods that your doctor doesn't want you to know about.
  • Living a Fully Optimized Life - Co-written with bestselling author and men's health expert, Jay Campbell, on the best supplement, training, lifestyle, and nutrition hacks to reach your fullest potential and live a life of vibrancy that few dream of, let alone experience.
#5 Portion Control Guide (Value $24)
Learn the simple tricks to portion control and still living a normal life...
  • Measuring Made Easy - Discover the strategies used to quickly and discreetly measure food using zero tools at all.
  • Live Normal Again - You'll learn the strategies needed to measure food while eating out and stay within your set nutritional guidelines.
  • Quick and Easy Methods - Within seconds you will train your brain to calculate portions and calories using the simple methods outlined in this guide.   
#6 Weekly Check Ins (Value $500)
Keep track of your progress and stay accountable to your goals...
  • Stay Accountable - We'll help hold you accountable to your goals so that you continue to make progress every week.
  • Gain Clarity - Most people fail with their fitness goals because they feel confused. Weekly check ins help you gain clarity on your situation.
  • Get Feedback - Get feedback on your results you advance your knowledge and understand what works specifically for you. 
Imperative Fitness Will Give You The Exact Plan You Need To Reclaim 
The Health And Vigor Of Your Youth.
If you're ready to get in the best shape of your life and feel like you were in your 20s again...
Then I'd Love To Invite You To Join 
Imperative Fitness.
Let's Recap EVERYTHING You Get
When You Join...
Monthly Training Protocols 
(Value $397)
Monthly Nutrition Protocols
(Value $397)
Private Access to Daniel
(Value $997)
Imperative Fitness Private Slack Group
(Value $297)
Daniel Kelly's Low Carb Recipe Book
(Value $29)
Mindset Guide
(Value $27)
Daniel Kelly's Bookshelf
(Value $57)
Portion Control Guide
(Value $24)
Weekly Check Ins
(Value $500)
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Q: What kind of results can I expect?

If you follow the program the way we lay it out, we'd expect you to lose between 5-10 lbs a month

Q: What if I don't see results?

You didn't follow the instructions. There's no way you can fail if you follow the program the way it's designed.

Q: Why's there no money back guarantee?

I don't want to work with people who need guarantees. There's two types of people in this world: those who do the work and get results. And those who don't do the work and complain why they don't get results.

Q: How much time is required?

You don't have to workout more than 60 minutes per week. Total. 

The meal instructions are stupidly simple also, so you won't have to spend all week worrying about how much to eat.

Q: How much does it cost?

The cost for the first month is $67, then it will go up to $97 a month thereafter. Anyone who joins after this month will be charged $97 per month.

Q: Do I need access to a gym?

The workouts are designed for people who workout at a gym. However, for those who need bodyweight workouts due to gym closures, I will alternative provide workouts for them upon request. 
Here's How To Join Right Now...
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